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Recycle/Reuse Transforms a Corner

Who remembers the old Pizza Hut? Before the Super Walmart was built and before the road was widened and sidewalks installed? Students dropped by to get a drink or pick up dinner on their way home from school.

It used to be where the right side of the Navy Army FCU sits. A few years after the Pizza Hut was demolished a development company combined that site with the area on the left, which used to be a small office/retail with a few tenants. A Doctor’s office was there, as was a tile distributor. Very few people remember this building.

This Site Plan shows the footprint of the buildings at the time (Pizza Hut was already gone):

The office/retail space was retained but altered a bit to provide better parking and a covered sidewalk in the front. The shaded area was added on to the existing steel building, altering the roof shape, adding a canopy and providing continuity across the entire façade.

Here is a Section showing the joining of the new and the old:

Blueprint / Rockport Plaza
Blueprint / Rockport Plaza
6,000 anonymous square feet became 10,000 square of a welcoming retail center and brightened up a previously dull and neglected corner.
Rockport Plaza
Construction by: Clint Madill
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