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Welcome To "Successful Designs for Coastal Living". Thank you for ordering this collection.  These designs are derived from homes built on the Gulf Coast of Texas.  Although there are many national publications providing a wonderful variety of house styles and plans, most of them do not conform to the specific requirements of coastal construction.  Regional building elements have developed in the wake of "Hurricane Andrew", which is appropriate along any coast subject to windstorm forces and tidal surges.  These building elements produce well-braced, permanent homes with maintenance-free construction materials and finishes, along with large casual social spaces.


If you have purchased this portfolio, you have permission to make a copy for your own use, or take it to an architect or drafting service to be developed into construction plans.  If you don't wish to purchase the plans from me, you may not erase or otherwise eliminate my copyright mark and/or numbering system and replace it with your own or anyone else's, or claim it as your own design for sale.

Beginning January 2012, I will be producing a "House of the Month" Design Newsletter Subscription Service. Each month you will be mailed a new 8 1/2 X 11 Design sheet like those in this portfolio to put in a folder received as part of your subscription.  Any comments, suggestions or inquires will be welcome as I develop new plans.

Stock Plan Book 2011
Stock Plan Book 2011Stock Plan Book 2011Stock Plan Book 2011
Stock Plan Book 2011



12 New Homes

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  • 100  1-Story - Up to 1500 sq. ft.

  • 200  1-Story - 1600 sq. ft. to 2300 sq. ft

  • 300  1-Story - 2400 sq. ft. and over

  • 400  2-Story & Stilt houses to 2500 sq. ft.

  • 500  2-Story & Stilt houses 2600 sq. ft. and over

  • 600  3-Story

  • 700  Duplex & Multi-Family

  • 800  Vacation & Resort Units


I have 30 years of experience in architectural services including all phases of Design and Program development, Construction Drawings, Contract Documents, Structural Engineering, Specifications writing and selection, Feasibility Studies, Site, Parking and Space Planning, Material Takeoffs, Bid Selection for new construction, renovations, and job progress inspections.  Work was done in compliance with Building Codes, Zoning Resolutions, Architectural Review Boards, ADA, TXDOT Windstorm Agency.

Project types include Commercial (Retail Stores, Shopping Malls, Banks, and Industrial Complexes).  Institutional (Renovations at Community Colleges, Medical Offices) and Residential (Single Story, Multi-Story, Single Family and Multi-Family).

Types of Construction included Wood Frame, Cold Formed and Hot Rolled Steel Frame (Low and High Rise), Reinforced Concrete Tie Beam Frame, Concrete Masonry Units (CMU), Insulated Concrete Form (ICF), Pre-fabricated Panel (SIPS) and Heavy Timber.


Industrial Warehouse Expansion - Miami, Florida
Construction drawings and structural calculations of Tie Beam construction, walked through Building Plans Processing Department and did construction inspections for reinforcing steel.

Church Parking Lot - Miami, Florida
Redesigned site and parking lot layout for additional parking for growing congregation.

Catholic Charities Retail Store - Garden City, New York
Updated store with entirely new interior.  Designed custom lighting, fixtures, detailed marble wall veneer and storefront glass in compliance with Mall Requirements.

Warehouse/Office Addition - Old Bethpage, New York
Added 2600 sq. ft. CMU, structural steel and brick veneer addition to exiting Warehouse/Office Building, including elevator, expanded parking and Reduced Zoning Pressure Device, as required.

Citizens Federal Savings and Loan - Ohio
Contract documents for interior design of high rise bank building.

Mixed Use 3-Story Building - Oyster Bay, New York
Presentation Rendering and complete design and Contract Documents of new, historically referenced 8,994 sq. ft. structural steel, brick veneer Office/Retail building.

Genesee Community College - Batavia, New York
Designed and detailed 3-story self-supporting steel sculptural stair in the forum of their Multi-Purpose Academic Arts Center.

Staten Island Community College- Staten Island, New York
Contract documents for renovations and addition of new infill stairways in residence halls in structural steel and brick veneer.

3-Story Office Building - Sea Cliff, New York
Designed and did Construction Drawings for 3-story 5,000 sq. ft. structural steel and "Dryvit" office building with Atrium.

Industrial Warehouse Complex - Long Island, New York
Industrial storage buildings with office space at various locations, from 14,000 to 27,000 sq. ft. of split face concrete block, steel overhead doors and glass storefront at office space.

HUD Renovation - College Point, Queens, New York
Renovated and replaced structural steel for 3-story apartment building.

New Apartment Building -Queens, New York
Construction drawings were done for new 4,800 sq. ft. structural steel and brick veneer multi-family apartment building.

Rendered/Model Maker - Convenience Stores - Riverdale, New York
Provided renderings and models for Convenience Store/Oil Company prototypes, including "Maverick Market", Corpus Christi, Texas and "Seiko Mart", Kyoto, Japan


Bachelor of Architecture, 1980 - Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

With 25 years experience producing drawings for building construction, and a Bachelors' degree in Architecture (Pratt Institute, 1980), I am qualified and prepared to develop a quality design for your dream house.

My experience in Long Island, New York (1978-1992), in Miami, Florida (1992-1994), in the wake of Hurricane Andrew and on the Texas Gulf Coast (1994-Present) have prepared me to design in compliance with the most stringent codes in the nation.

In addition to Architectural training, I have worked in
the fabric design industry (Boris Kroll 1972-1978) and technical theater (Lighting and Set design (1968-1978) and can provide insight to the dramatic aspects of your design.

Finally, cultivating a lifelong interest in alternate energy forms, I can integrate these elements into your building form and site plan.  Let me help you customize your home as a complete expression of your vision.


I.  Preliminary Design: 1/8" scale of floor plan and
    elevation based in the materials and ideas you have given

II.  Design Development: 1/4" scale layout of plans,
     elevations and sections based on your comments on the

III.  Final Drawings:  1/4: scale drawings are completed
      with dimensions, notations, rendering of materials and
      any comments from Design Development.

A.  Residential Living Area  (AC)......................................................................................................$1.00 / sq. ft.
B.  Garages, boat Storage, Sun Rooms, etc.................................................................................$0.35 / sq. ft.
C.  Covered Porches, Carports, Gazebos, etc..............................................................................$0.25 / sq. ft.
D.  Special Site work, Retaining Wall Details, Interior Cabinetry Details,
     Exterior Stairs, Decks, Walls, etc...............................................................................................$25 / an hour


A.  Living Area (AC/Heated Area)      --------------- sq. ft.  X  $1.00  =  $ ---------------
B.  Garage, Boat Storage                   --------------- sq. ft.  X  $0.35  =  $ ---------------
C.  Covered Patio / Porch                   --------------- sq. ft.  X  $0.25  =  $ ---------------

TOTAL.........................................................................................................$ ----------------


If final drawings are accepted, (12) sets will be provided.  ($15 per additional sets)  If minor adjustments need to be made, they will be at no extra cost.  If they require more than 2 hours of work, they will be done at $25 / an hour and reprint at no charge.

A reproducible set can be made for a client for 25% of the original fee.
Call for fees on Commercial Projects, Consultations, Renderings.  Murals and Models.

     Free Consultation / $150 Deposit required to begin drawing            ----------------------
    25% Due at Delivery or Preliminary Design - (2) sets provided            ----------------------
    50% Due at Delivery of Design Development - (2) sets provided         ----------------------
    25% Due at Review of Final Drawings - (2) sets provided                     ----------------------
SamplesPlan A-1Plan A-2Plan A- 3Plan A-4Plan 100-101
1,210 sq. ft.Plan 100-102
1,210 sq. ft.Plan 100-103
1,548 sq. ft.Plan 100-104
1,568 sq. ft.Plan 100-105
1,406 sq. ft.Plan 200-201
1,820 sq. ft.Plan 200-102
2,377 sq. ft.Plan 200-103
1,680 sq. ft.Plan 200-104
1,612 sq. ft. Plan 200-105
1,800 sq. ft.

Plan 200-106
1,945 sq. ft.Plan 200-107
2,211 sq. ft.Plan 200-108
2,143 sq. ft.Plan 200-109
1,848 sq. ft.Plan 200-110
2,159 sq. ft.Plan 200-111
1,880 sq. ft.Plan 200-113
2,228 sq. ft.Plan 300-101
2,417 sq. ft.Plan 300-102
2,450 sq. ft.Plan 400-101 B 
1,767 sq. ft.

Plan 400-101 C 
1,672 sq. ft.

Plan 400-101 A
1,594 sq. ft.Plan 400-102 A
1,632 sq. ft.

Plan 400-102 B
1,453 sq. ft.Plan 400-102 C
1,627 sq. ft.

Plan 400-102 D
1,627 sq. ft.Plan 400-103
1,248 sq. ft.Plan 400-104
1,352 sq. ft. Plan 400-105
1,540 sq. ft.Plan 500-101
2,632 sq. ft.Plan 500-102
2,734 sq. ft.Plan 500-103
2,140 sq. ft.Plan 500-104
2,240 sq. ft.Plan 500-105
2,370 sq. ft.Plan 500-106
2,690 sq. ft.Plan 500-107
3,343 sq. ft.Plan 500-108
4,643 sq. ft.Plan 600-101
3,524 sq. ft.Plan 600-102
2,858 sq. ft.Plan 700-101
1,480 sq. ft. x (2) units
2,960 sq. ft. totalPlan 700-102
1,216 sq. ft. x (2) unitsPlan 700-103
892 q. ft. x (2) unitsPlan 800-101
1,075 sq. ft.Plan 800-102
Plan 800-103Plan 800-104
1,250 sq. ft.Plan 800-105
828 sq. ft.Plan 800-106
892 sq. ft.Plan 800-107
1,850 sq. ft.
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